Favorite Top 10 Scenes: Dill Mill Gayye

As a loyal Dill Mill Gayye follower, I have certain scenes that are just burned into my memory. Dill Mill Gayye was a lovely show about friendship and love. There were several love stories interwoven together in the show - some successful while others not so much. There was laughter, romance and  heart-break, all seamlessly interwoven together.

So without further adieu, these are the top 10 scenes from Dill Mill Gayye that I will never forget... 

Armaan and Riddhima finally confess their love for each other. What started out as a prank between Anjali, Riddhima's older sister, and Armaan turns into a passionate love story between Armaan and Riddhima. Armaan realizes that he has fallen for his 'basket' way before Riddhima realizes that she too has feelings for him. He tries many plans to make her confess her feelings to him but in vain. When she finally confesses how she truly feels for him, I love the way he reacts. When I saw this scene, I had tears in my eyes! This scene just oozes of romance. Both Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand performed this scene brilliantly.

Dangerous things happen to girls when they are high on Bhang! As proof, here is what happened to Riddhima as result of consuming loads of Bhang. Armaan knows that Riddhima has feelings for him but she just does not want it to be known. So she avoids him or fights with him or finds reasons to be away from him. On Holi, Armaan finally gets a chance to find out what she truly thinks about him. And boy, she does not disappoint!

Other than Armaan and Riddhima, I also enjoyed watching Rahul and Muskaan. They were from the same town and knew each other before coming to Sanjeevani. I liked how they went from hating the sight of each other to waiting to catch a sight of each other. There was just so much tension and passion between them. Although Rahul and Muskaan's love story did not have a happy ending, they did share several passionate and heart-breaking incidents. They wanted to be together but destiny conspired against them. This scene highlights their heart-breaking love story perfectly. Drashti Dhami and Mayank Anand has so much chemistry between them.

After Rahul and Muskaan, my second most favorite love story on Dill Mill Gayye would be that of Abhimanyu aka Abhi and Nikita aka Nikki. Nikita is introduce as Armaan's best friend from his college days. Later we realize that she is in love with Armaan and came to Sanjeevani just to be close to him. When she finds out about Armaan and Riddhima, she supports him. Abhi, on the other hand, initially had a soft corner for Riddhima. Later he too realizes that Riddhima is with Armaan and he backs off. Abhi and Nikki had a roller coaster like relationship. Armaan is very protective about Nikki and does not approve of her closeness to Abhi. Only after Riddhima makes him understand that Abhi and Nikki love each other does he finally approve of their relationship. The scene above highlights their complicated relationship. Shweta Gulati and Amit Tandon played their parts perfectly. They had the right amount of tension, passion and chemistry.

Anjali is Riddhima's older sister. Her aim to be a famous doctor just like her father Dr. Shashank. She is  extremely focused on her career and has no time for relationships. Atul on the other hand is a kind and gentle guy. He is understanding and caring. From the moment he meets Anjali, he falls for her. His affection for her is not hidden from the other interns. The other boys tease him all the time but he never takes their words to heart. He finally musters up the courage to ask Anjali out on a date. When he confesses his feelings to her, she tells him that she does not feel the same way. His heart break is so evident which makes it a very touching scene.

How could I stay away from all the super-romantic moments of Armaan and Riddhima for too long? In the first clip, Riddhima is home alone and Armaan pays her a surprise visit. What happens next is pure romance. Also used in this clip is Armaan and Riddhima's signature song "Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehaan." The second video is another intensely romantic moment between Riddhima and Armaan but this time around, Riddhima initiates the romance. The third scene takes place after Riddhima gets married to Sid for the second time. Here Armaan makes her realize that she will never truly be able to love Sid. He makes her realize that she will always love him.

Dill Mill Gayye had its share of Riddhimas. Shilpa Anand started out playing Riddhima. She chose not to renew her contract with the production house and quit the show after a year. After she left, Sukirti Kandpal was roped in to play Riddhima. After a year, she too quit the show stating that nothing significant was happening in the love story of Armaan and Riddhima. Finally, Jennifer Winget was brought in. She played Riddhima the longest. Even through all the switches, Karan Singh Grover was able to keep the chemistry with all three leading ladies scorching as witnessed in the series of videos above. But if I had to pick, Karan had the best chemistry with Jennifer. No wonder the two got hitched a year after the show ended!

During the second season of Dill Mill Gayye, we are introduced to new interns - Siddhant aka Sid, Tamanna, Naina, Yuvraj, JP, Raj, Suvarna aka Sue and Shilpa. Initially Sid was paired with Tamanna. Tamanna's character was written out of the show to make room for the return of Riddhima. After Tamanna leaves, Sid is then paired with Riddhima. I really liked Sid with Tamanna. In fact their story reminded me of how Riddhima and Armaan started out. This is one of my favorite Sid and Tamanna scenes. 

Continuing with the season 2 interns, Yuvraj is paired with Naina. For Naina, it is love at first sight. From the first moment she sets her eyes on Yuvraj, she has a crush on him. Yuvraj comes to Sanjeevani for a special purpose. He has a lot on his mind and pretends to ignore Naina even though he too has feelings for her. He does not want her to get involved with his problems. When he finally tells her about his problems, she helps him face them and get over them. They share a passionate relationship that reminded me a bit of Rahul and Muskaan. 

So there you have it folks - My Favorite Top 10 Scenes of Dill Mill Gayye. Hope you enjoyed the show through all of it's ups and downs as much as I did. 


  1. I agree to al of ur thoughts except 1:i think karan n shilpa's chemistry n shilpa's potrayal of riddhima ws slightly better den jennifer...though i do luv jennifer alot bt wen i think of riddhima nly shilpa cms in my mind...her blushing her expressions her eyes were so perfect 4 d character of riddhima

  2. I agree to al of ur thoughts except 1:i think karan n shilpa's chemistry n shilpa's potrayal of riddhima ws slightly better den jennifer...though i do luv jennifer alot bt wen i think of riddhima nly shilpa cms in my mind...her blushing her expressions her eyes were so perfect 4 d character of riddhima